“Senior moments” of forgetfulness can happen to all of us. Stress, confusion, or any number of things can cause us to forget where we put our keys, why we walked into a room, or what we were saying. For most of us, these episodes are simply a sign that we need to slow down and focus. But for some of us, as we age, there may be more to the story.

At Legacy Oaks Assisted Living and Memory Care, the attentive staff and leadership team have been trained to notice when “senior moments” begin to indicate more than just an instance of forgetfulness or confusion.

When a senior begins to see the effects of cognitive decline, it is often a slow process that requires special attention some of the time. The Legacy Club program is designed to create a bridge between the assisted living experience and the memory care experience for seniors who are living with mild cognitive impairment. Their symptoms don’t necessitate the full-time attentive care of a memory care living situation, but they benefit from a little extra time and specialized programming.

The Legacy Club, an innovative program designed to meet the mental and physical needs of senior residents who are on this path, focuses on a small group setting. This allows members of the Legacy Club to function at their highest possible level while being encouraged to socialize with other people in a similar stage of life. Legacy Club members participate in activities holistically designed to target all five senses, which connects the mind and body for a more robust experience.

The Legacy Club offers:

  • Daily programs from breakfast to dinner, with activities every 30 minutes
  • A dedicated, specially-trained team that leads activities
  • Intimate bonding in a small group
  • Weekly updates for family members
  • WanderGuard
  • Specialized club outings

Have you noticed that the seniors in your life are having more and more “senior moments”? Consider visiting Legacy Oaks Assisted Living and Memory Care to experience the Legacy Club and learn more about how this focused method of engaging with individuals with mild cognitive decline can enrich both your life and theirs.