Our mom has been living at Legacy Oaks Memory Care facility for about 2 and a half years. She comments all the time that she lives in the most wonderful place, with so much beauty around her and people who are always nice. We are pleased with her care and with the openness of the staff to talk with us and offer help as needed. There fun activities planned for the residents to enjoy, and there are also activities to engage the mind and body to keep active. We appreciate all the staff who continually seeks to improve. She especially enjoys the many musical opportunities.
Linda S.

My mother has resided in the memory care unit of Legacy Oaks since it opened. I am very happy that she lives in a place that is so welcoming and safe. She enjoys the daily activities that are designed for mental stimulation and fun! Her days are filled with joy and companionship. The caretakers are wonderful. They surround Mom with love, care and compassion.
Lisa C.

When I began searching for a place for my mother and father in-law to live in June of 2017 they were not prepared to start in assisted living. They were just moving from their home of 33 years and they felt they were better suited for senior independent living. So, when I visited Legacy Oaks the first time it was just to get informed about what was out there. Ellen was incredibly kind and understanding. I was totally impressed with the facility and felt like it would be a great fit for my in-laws down the road. Well, “down the road” came less than six months later when my father-in-law collapsed and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and my mother-in-law’s dementia ramped up another notch. So, here I was- DESPERATE to get them into a place that could meet their increasing needs. Again, Ellen was incredible and worked diligently to get us into the facility as quickly as possible. Brandon was also wonderful and helped us transition in the best way we could. We had some challenges in getting them settled and the staff at Legacy Oaks had answers at every turn- resources that I could never have imagined that made the “impossible” become “possible”.

What I love the most about Legacy Oaks is that I am heard. When I reach out about something that is bothering me- whether it is something related to the care at LO, or just a concern about the general well-being of my loved ones, I get prompt attention and helpful answers. The other thing that is amazing to me is the way all the “parts” work together. Their doctor is in constant contact with the nurse, Jennifer. And she, in turn, is in constant contact with the peripheral help that serves my mother and father in-law. There are constant assessments and evaluations done to assure they are living the best life possible. They receive several different kinds of therapy to assist them in thriving at the highest level. But, also, their daily needs are met by a barrage of care-givers that really do give them care. I live in Denver. It is imperative that I feel like things are done well without me having to supervise and keep tabs. I know that my loved ones are in great hands- hands that genuinely care about them. That confidence is invaluable.
Kathleen M.